‘Teamwork’ bees: starting sewing

With the design transferred to the back of the fabric and it stretched onto an embroidery frame, it’s time to start sewing. Firstly, I need the design on the front of the fabric, where I can see it. The background fabric is silk dupion in ivory; I don’t want to mark that directly as it’s…

‘Jungle Book’ slip case – Mowgli

As it’s a bit complicated, I’ll be doing the central section a bit at a time, starting with the little figure of Mowgli, seated at the base of the tree. Here he is outlined in running stitches, ready to be stitched over: The figure is quite small and quite a fiddly shape, so I’ve decided…

Red bat – stitching finished

The lower half of the background stitched through from the back: And stitched properly: Finished! Well, the sewing is, anyway.  I need to mount it on some board ready for framing next.

Red bat – half the background

Pressing on, it’s the background next.  The top half of it marked through from the back: And over-stitched: As the background design is quite fiddly (the whole thing is quite small) I’ve gone for one strand of stranded cotton and two of the machine embroidery thread, to make the lines a bit finer.  It’s still…

Red bat – the bat itself

As I mentioned last time, to make a do-it-yourself metallic thread, I intended to stitch the outline of the bat using two strands of stranded cotton and two lengths of a glittery ‘holographic’ machine embroidery thread. And I’m pleased to say, it worked: That’s worked in chain stitch, and gives exactly the effect I was…

Spiral Abstract I – V

As suggested by regular reader Cynthia of California Stitching, here are all five Spiral Abstract pieces. Spiral Abstract I Spiral Abstract II Spiral Abstract III Spiral Abstract IV Spiral Abstract V I have another series of five related pieces in mind, but they’re going to have to wait – next time, I’ll tell you why!

Spiral Abstract V

This is the final one of the set of five Spiral Abstract pieces; I intend doing another related set of five, but they’re going to have to wait as I’m about to start a really exciting new project instead.  More on that in future posts! Back to today’s though.  As with the others, it’s silver…

Spiral Abstract IV

This is all going better than expected!  I’ve now finished the fourth one in the series, though it does have rather less stitching in it than the others. Here’s the design, as a transfer on the lining fabric on the back: Then overstitched with running stitches to transfer it to the front: And then stitched…

Spiral Abstract III

Onto the third piece in the series.  Everything is the same as before other than the design, so without further ado, here it is: Tacked through to the front of the fabric: And stitched: Finished!

Spiral Abstract II – stitching

With the design transferred to the front of the fabric, I just needed to stitch over it, with the same silver Gutermann metallic thread as before. It’s in three sections, so here’s the first: And the second: And the third: Finished!