Masquarade Book Slip Cover


This slip case takes its inspiration from one of Kit Williams’ illustrations in the book Masquerade, that of a hare in a tangle of wild roses. The design renders this in a more stylised form, laid out as a mandala. It is a companion piece to The Bee on the Comb.

The slip case is completely hand embroidered and assembled. The hare is outlined in metal thread chain stitch but worked in split stitch, to create a shaded fur effect. Special attention was given to the detail of the face.

The rose stems are also edged in metal thread chain stitch and worked in split stitch, with the leaves in silk dupion appliqué. The roses are in hand painted silk satin appliqué, with French knot detailing.

On the back of the slip case is a small design based on an ancient motif, of three hares in a circle, linked by their ears; it is again worked in split stitch.

The slip case is fully lined with chocolate brown silk satin, and museum quality conservation mount is used to form the box.


Technical details

Masquerade by Kit Williams, Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1979

Silk dupion ground, with metal thread and split stitch surface stitchery, and hand painted silk satin appliqué. The back of the slip case has a small design of three linked hares, in metal thread and split stitch surface stitchery. Lined with silk satin.

Size: 29 x 23 x 2.5 cm (11.5 x 9 x 1 in)


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