Scuplture by the river

In my last post on a walk along the river in Durham, I mentioned a couple of strange stone structures near Prebends Bridge, and said I was going to try and find out a bit more about them.

Here’s the first, this time from the front:

This is Kathedra, by Colin Wilbourn, at the time artist in residence at Durham Cathedral.  This was installed in 1988, and makes reference to the bishop’s throne, or cathedra.  What the connection between the grotesque carved faces and the bishop may be is open to conjecture.

The second work, from a slightly different angle:

This is Reveal, by Richard Cole, and installed in 1997.  Interestingly, it’s made from reclaimed centuries-old sandstone, from one of the Cathedral’s turrets, and still has a very architectural look.

I do like public art, especially when come upon unexpectedly, like these.  I wonder what else there is to find there?

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  1. Have a look at the new railings below Windy Gap – a lovely combination of form and function

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