Sorry for the silence…

… but I’ve got the builders in.

Keeping the house more or less clean is enough of a challenge right now without risking any embroidery, so I’m not going to have much to report for a few weeks.  I’ll post if and when I can, and look forward to having a lovely new kitchen!

3 comments on “Sorry for the silence…
  1. Please post photos! We went thought this five years ago, first the master bath then the kitchen right after. We were in a mess for months! I’m sure you will be very happy to have a nice new kitchen.

  2. Having our kitchen done two years ago nearly did for me but I just looove what we have now. :o) I didn’t think I’d say it at the time, but it was worth it!

  3. Thanks both! Right now, they’re almost but not quite finished replastering the entire room, and the mess is appalling. The majority of the work should be finished by the end of next week, with just (just!) the decorating, sanding the floor and getting the work tops in (I’m getting glass ones, so they have to be made from a template after all the units are in) to do after that. Oh, and new furniture.

    I keep repeating ‘it’ll be lovely when it’s finished’ to myself!

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