The Bee on the Comb - Book Slip Cover

The Bee on the Comb

Entirely hand embroidered and assembled, this slip case is directly inspired by the cover of the book itself, and is an interpretation of author and illustrator Kit Williams’ design in a variety of embroidery techniques. It is a companion piece to Masquerade.

The honeycomb pattern is in metal thread chain stitch, with one hexagon in gold kid appliqué.

The landscape panel was worked separately on fine linen and applied to the ground fabric. It is embroidered using split stitch, as it allows subtle shading, with some outlining in double running stitch and French knot detailing. Once applied, a gold kid appliqué frame was added.

The stump work bee was also made separately and applied, and incorporates organza wings on a fine wire frame, and a piece of polished tiger eye semi-precious stone as the body.

The honeycomb design is repeated on the back of the slip case, but without further embellishment.

It is fully lined with chocolate brown silk satin, and museum quality conservation mount is used to form the box.

Technical details

The Bee on the Comb by Kit Williams, Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1984

Silk dupion ground, with metal thread surface stitchery, gold kid appliqué embellishment, split stitch applied panel, and stump work bee with tiger eye body. The honeycomb design is repeated on the back of the slip case. Lined with silk satin.

Size: 29 x 23 x 2.5 cm (11.5 x 9 x 1 in)

The Bee On The Comb - Bok Slip Cover

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