A constellation of flowers

I’m a little over half way through applying the embroidered flowers to the background fabric of this panel; as there’s just the one cowslip in the middle, and that’s already on, adding the flowers to the right end should take less time than adding them to the left.

Starting with the little flowers, we have the biggest pearlwort, near the centre:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - big embroidered pearlwort

Three little pearlworts, grouped together:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - three little embroidered pearlworts

And one final pearlwort, on its own:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - isolated embroidered pearlwort

All the pearlworts:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - all the embroidered pearlworts

Next, there’s the big wood aven, also near the centre:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - big embroidered wood aven

And a couple of smaller ones, quite widely spaced apart:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - widely spaced embroidered wood avens

All together, they form a constellation of embroidered flowers:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - a constellation of embroidered flowers

Here’s work so far on the panel; not far to go now!

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - work so far on St Cuthbert's Banner panel

By the way, have any other Blogger bloggers out there noticed a drop in quality on their photographs?  The ones I uploaded may not be the best, but they’re a lot better than they look here.  The originals are bigger than this, and are being resized downwards automatically to fit on the page; the murk on the picture looks to me like an artifact of the compression process.  Does anyone have any ideas on this?

2 comments on “A constellation of flowers
  1. I’m no techie, Ruth, but I have noticed something similar. I don’t tend to upload very big files myself and don’t see anything really bad on screen when I just accept their sizes. However, if I edit the HTML and make the size bigger, *then* it almost always goes blurry. What bugs me about this is that I got the trick from an American blogging lady who enlarges every one of her photos and they come out perfectly clear! NOT fair. I usually find though, that the photos that blogger actually allows to be clickable do then come out on the fresh page as good and clear.

    How this could be sorted is well beyond me, but I do sympathise. I’m also wondering where the Dickens my profile photo disappears to on comment forms etc and why I show up as a follower using an old photo and can replace neither this nor the red cross in a box you’ll probably be seeing here.=(

  2. I’ve just started editing the HTML! I haven’t been resizing the images, but I have been adding ALT and TITLE tags to them. That could very well be it – next post, I’ll leave well alone and see what, if anything happens. Thanks for the tip!

    I can’t think of any way to fix your image problem, I’m afraid, but I’ll give it some thought and if anything strikes me, I’ll let you know.

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