A sheet of wood avens

There’s just the one sheet of wood avens for the left panel, and here it is:

There aren’t any here of the largest size that we had on the bottom panel, but there is one of the tiny ones, which is very fiddly to do.

As before, they’re outlined in buttonhole stitch, filled in with split stitch, and have centres in French knots.  Here they are, completed:

Some rather disappointing news is that the Spirograph panels failed to sell, so I’ll be getting them back, as the gallery need the space for their next exhibition.  Oh well, maybe next time…

2 comments on “A sheet of wood avens
  1. All these flowers means that the next exhibition is likely to be some time in the future, unless someone else fancies taking the Spirograph panels (just get in touch if you do!).

    Funny you should mention the ferns – that’s what I’m doing now. Oh well, it gets them over with!

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