Acanthus leaf sample – colours and outlining

With the design transferred and painted, I put it on a frame ready to stitch:

(sorry about the rather harsh lighting in that photo – I’m not sure what happened there).

I’m using three shades of Madeira stranded cotton: nos. 1908, 1910 and 1912.

As the palest shade, 1908, will be the most used of the three, I used that to outline the design in split stitch:

Next time, I’ll start to fill it in.

One comment on “Acanthus leaf sample – colours and outlining
  1. Oh! I love acanthus leaves most dearly. I tried to do a very similar ‘stream’ of leaves in a circle. Long and short stitch. I died completely – too many short, choppy stitches because of all the stitch direction changes. Looked just terrible. It’s a firm UFO now. I’ll be following this with utmost interest, and so glad to see someone else doing such a design.

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