Acanthus leaf sample

After the Apple Tree fire screen, I want to do a couple more small sample pieces using the same techniques, to play about a bit with the shading and see what works.  The first one I’m going to do is a classical acanthus leaf design:

While the fire screen used quite bold colours, I want this to be more subtle, and will be using a ‘coffee and cream’ colour scheme.

First things first, though.  As previously, I’m working this on gold organza, and will cut the completed embroidery out and apply it to a background.  I traced the design onto the organza (with a pen this time, rather than the almost-invisible pencil I used last time):

And off the design:

I then painted this with diluted acrylic paints:

This is still on the paper so the colours look stronger than they will once it’s come off, but it shows the shading I’m aiming for quite nicely.

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