Appliqué detail in satin

Much of the detail on the red velvet cross is going to be in appliqué. I’m using red silk satin, in as close a match to the red of the velvet as possible. The idea is to have the same colour but a contrast in textures, though as the apparent colour of the velvet can change quite a lot depending on the angle you’re lokking at it, there’ll often be a contrast in the shade, too.

I’ve made a start on the appliqué. I’ve used the same basic technique as I used for the red velvet cross itself, but on a smaller (and much fiddlier) scale.
I’ve started with the shapes surrounding the gold ring in the centre. I cut out the shapes in felt, and then slightly larger in the satin. I then placed the felt shapes onto these, turned the edges of the satin over the felt, and tacked it down.
I then stitched these into position on the cross shape, and took out the tacking stitches, leaving the satin shapes in place.
Finally, to neaten the edges and to make the shapes stand out a bit more, I couched a single Jap gold thread around the edge of each satin shape.
A lot more even fiddlier satin shapes need to go down the legs of the cross, but here’s how it’s looking so far:
4 comments on “Appliqué detail in satin
  1. Hi, Ruth!

    I think it’s looking absolutely terrific!

    A question on the applique pieces and tacking stitches. Do you think it would be possible, using the felt shape and turning the edges of the fine fabric over it, to tack the stitches to the back, without passing through the front, by picking up just a little bit of the felt? Just curious. I’m thinking about trying that on the project I’m getting ready to start.

    I’m getting ready to launch into a banner as well, but it’s not as complicated as yours. It’s due at the end of October, and I have an 8″ conceptual drawing of it so far, and that’s all. 🙂 Oh boy.

    I suppose I should get cracking…. !!!

  2. Hi Mary – thanks for stopping by!

    That’s an interesting thought about the tacking stitches. I’m not sure it would work as well with a heavier fabric like the velvet, which might just pull the stitches out again, but might be a good thing to try with the satin. I was also thinking of trying gathering the fabric on the back with running stitches all round (sort of like making Suffolk puffs), though I think that would work better with rounded shapes rather than the straight edges I’m tackling at the moment. I’ll experiment and see what happens!

    Good luck with your banner – that’s quite a deadline you’ve got there. I do hope we get to see it on your blog!

  3. Thanks, Ruth. The hardest part is starting, actually, and for me right now, it’s getting the space and time to start. On the bright side (!!!!) mine is not a commission as much as a “favor,” with the understanding that time may be against me and it may not get done before Oct. 26.

    I’m not doing nearly as much handwork on it, though, as you are – the marjority will be straight applique, though I do plan some embroidery on the crown. And maybe a wee bit o’ gold around the letters, but that can be cording…

    Yes, I’ll share it on the website if I get anywhere significant on it!

    I’m sure enjoying watching yours progress!


  4. I wanted to say something inspiration on your last post, with outlining the flowers on the front panel in Jap, but I couldn’t come up with anything.
    But then I started exploring pages, and found all this wonderful information and discussion on applique, including with weeny bits of kid (I just love how ‘applique’ is pronounced in the French, it kinda sounds like someone choking and then spitting the offending object out) which will be great for my Bishop’s Cope project. Thanks! 🙂

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