Aztec serpent – making a start

My new project is now underway. I’ve drawn a new head for the serpent that looks a bit more threatening than the rather cheery one I had before, grafted it onto the body, along with a longer neck, and have made a fair copy to work from.

I’ve also done all the usual setting up stuff: made a transfer, ironed it onto some linen, attached the linen to the back of the fabric to be worked (black silk satin, in this case), mounted this onto a frame, and gone round the edge of the design in small running stitches to get it through to the front. So this is as far as I’ve got:
The satin hasn’t come out too well in the photo – it’s not really speckled and blotchy, that’s just the way the flash has caught it.
I don’t much enjoy the setting-up part of a project – it’s a bit tedious. But it has to be done and done properly, to give a basis for the embroidery to come. Now on with the fun part!

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