Back to normal

I’m back online, I’m happy to say.  Broadband access has become such a normal part of my life that I really miss it when it’s not available.  I can say the same about heating and hot water, too, which I have now been without for a week, after my ever-unreliable boiler finally broke down beyond fixing last Saturday. I’m getting a new one installed on Tuesday, which will be a relief; I’ll be glad when this week is over!

All of this has been a bit distracting, but I have managed to get some sewing done, and have added all the flowers to the left hand side of the panel.

Starting with the foxglove, I added the goldwork stalk first:

Then applied the individual flowers spaced along it:

Next came three more ferns:

And a wood aven and a pearlwort:

So, here’s all work on the panel so far:

2 comments on “Back to normal
  1. Hi Ruth!
    I can certainly sympathize with your household issues, I’ve had them all myself! I am working a small project in which I am appliqueing a piece to silk velvet, so now I can understand a bit more about what you are doing. The banner is coming along marvelously!

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