Carved stone dogs – a bit more work

Having got my carved stone dogs finished off, I noticed the same thing as I did when I first did Wow: unless the light is on it just right, to cast a shadow, the design can all but disappear. So, I decided to do the same thing as I did then: paint it.

As before, I primed the surface of the stone with a sealer meant for stone tiles – it’s colourless and matt, and so doesn’t show up at all, but will stop the paint from sinking into the stone.  I then applied a layer of gesso to the areas to be painted:

As you can see, that’s all the carved areas; the intention is to leave the uncarved design as the natural stone.

I’m using the same light gold acrylic paint as for Wow (well I like gold!), and did the fiddly bits in the centre first, with a fine brush:

Then the outline of the dogs:

Then finished off the rest of the background:

It looks quite yellow in the photo, though in real life it does have a proper shine to it.

The design certainly stands out better now!

I think this might turn into embroidery…

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