Spiral Abstract I – going well

Early days yet, but my exhibition project is going well so far! Last time, I’d ironed on a transfer of the design of the first (of five) abstract Celtic spiral designs onto the linen used to line the surface fabric.  This, I can now reveal, is black silk matka, the same fabric I used for…

Lindisfarne Beasts: second bird – and all the gold

Things are coming along well, and I’ve now finished all of the gold outlining (inner and outer lines) for the second bird. Outer neck and head: Leg and foot: Body: and tail: Then the same again for the inner line.  First the neck and head: The leg and foot (which looks even more squashed up…

Lindisfarne Beasts: first bird outline

Adding the inner line for the bird gives it a lot more detail, though to start with it’s much the same as for the dog.  First we have its neck: The its leg and foot: This was a bit fiddly and looks rather cluttered at the moment, but it should (I hope!) become clearer when…

Lindisfarne Beasts: first bird outline

The birds are similar to the dog in that they also have inner and outer lines to be stitched, and in the same metallic gold chain stitch. Starting with the bird on the left, here’s its head and neck: Leg and foot: Body: Half its tail: And the other half: The inner line adds a…

Lindisfarne Beasts: all the dog

The dog is done, or at least his outline. First the inner line of his front leg: And then his neck: The first of the birds next.

Lindisfarne Beasts: most of a dog

Just a short post today, to bring you up to date with progress. I’ve now finished the front half of the dog.  I forgot to take a photo of his separate front leg, so here’s all of him in one go: You might just be able to make out in the marked-up design that there’s…

Lindisfarne Beasts: marked up and gold

Last time, I’d got half of the design traced on my improvised light box.  I’ve now got it all traced: and then the fabric stretched onto a frame: Time to start the embroidery! You’re not going to be too surprised to hear that gold is going to feature here.  All the outlines are going to…

White Horse: horse outline

After completing the gold knot outline, there was just the horse itself to do, which didn’t take too long.  And here it is: That’s all the gold chain stitching completed, so next I can start adding colour.  That should make a big difference!

White Horse: knot outline

Back to business after the stone carving excitement, and the rest of the gold edging for the knot: That really makes a difference in seeing the overall knot design, doesn’t it.  Just the horse itself to outline now, which shouldn’t take too long.

White Horse: half the knot’s gold edging

A quick update on progress: I’m coming along nicely with the gold edging for the knot, with one side of the main knot now completed: Now that the Olympics are over, I have no excuse not to get on with it!