Druid banner – goldwork detail

The spirals are all done on the applique trilithon, but that’s not the finish.  You may have thought that they looked a slightly odd shape, not really rectangular – this is because they’re not ‘flat’, but have a perspective effect, centred on the centre of the spiral design, where all the gold ‘rays’ are coming…

Druid banner – all the spirals finished

This is a big step in the banner’s progress – I’ve finished all of the spirals! There weren’t that many left to do, comparatively speaking, but it still makes a big difference to the piece.  The remaining spirals were in green, as mentioned last time, and over the bottom half of the appliqué “trilithon” motif….

Druid banner – starting the green spirals

Not far to go with the spirals now, with just the green ones on the appliqué to do. As with the blue, this is a darker colour and solid, not variegated: Fir Tree Green metallic passing thread couched with Gutermann Sulky 1051: As usual, I’ve transferred the design from the back to the front with…

Druid banner – blue trilithon spirals completed

I’m still making good progress, and have done all the blue spirals for the top half of the trilithon. Here are a few more than last time: And the rest: The bottom half will have green spirals – I’ll start them next.

Druid banner – blue spirals on the appliqué trilithon

Lots of progress to show you today! The white appliqué trilithon looks very stark on its own, but it’s not staying like that.  I want to integrate it into the overall design by continuing the spiral pattern over the top of it. As ever, the first step is to go over the design on the…

Druid banner – rays of light finished

Finishing off the gold rays of light today, with the ones at the top of the design. A few more, over the blue part of the central section and to the left and right: And the ones above the trilithon: Finished! It’s the trilithon itself, next.

Druid banner – rays of light update

I’m making good progress with the goldwork ‘rays’, though they aren’t quite finished yet.  I’ve done all the ones on the lower half, though.  Here are the ones in the central section: And all work so far:

Druid banner – rays of light

With the background spirals completed, I can start to overlay other design elements, starting with rays of light. These are straight lines radiating outwards from the centre of the spiral circle.  They’re worked in imitation Japanese gold no 8 from Golden Threads, couched with Gutermann Sulky machine embroidery thread no. 8007. As before, I transferred…

Druid banner – central green section

The single largest section in a single coloured thread is the lower central area, in green.  This has taken a while to do, but here it is! First a bit of it, showing the transition in the design from the blue to the green thread: And the rest: All of the green and some of…

Druid banner – ends, ends, ends

The spiral design is being worked by couching a metallic passing thread, i.e. laying the thread on the surface of the fabric and over-stitching it with a second thread.  This begs the obvious question: what do you do with the ends? And for this, there are a lot of ends: That’s just a very small…