Central goldwork edging

Sorry for not having posted for ages.  I have been busy, though, and have finished edging the flowers in the central section of the panel.

Here are the ferns surrounding the cowslip:

The cowslip flowers:

And its cluster of leaves:

I remembered to take a picture of everything done so far this time:

I know there are some small flowers that look pretty central too, but I’ll do them at the same time as the ones on the left.

3 comments on “Central goldwork edging
  1. You certainly have been busy! It’s really nice to see how well the gold edging covers up the linen that always seems to stick out from the flowers and leaves. One teacher I know always kept felt pens on hand to color all those pesky threads so they would blend it, but you don’t seem to need that technique at all!

  2. Using felt pens never occurred to me! All this time, I’ve been doing it the hard way. If I’ve got this far, I’d better keep on with it, I think.

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