Climbing hydrangea – and bees

Now I’ve got my new camera, I’ve discovered I really like taking pictures of flowers.  I was never very interested in it before, in my pre-camera days, but of all the trial and error snapping away that I’ve been doing, that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most.

I’m pretty pleased with the results, too.  This is a climbing hydrangea, which is growing up the side wall of my yard:

Sadly, the photo can’t give you any idea of the beautiful smell from all the flowers, but with the windows open (when it’s warm enough!) they make the whole house smell lovely.

The flowers are very popular with bees, too.

I wonder if it’s the smell that attracts them, or something else?

Now that summer’s here, almost, I think a few flower-photographing trips might be in order.

2 comments on “Climbing hydrangea – and bees
  1. I like that white hydrangea, ours are blue/pink depending on the alkalinity of the soil. I’ve never heard of a climber, though. We tend to take pictures of cats. We have way too many cat pictures.

  2. It climbs on its own, like ivy, and sticks itself to the wall like it’d been welded on. It’s in quite a shady spot and is absolutely thriving, so it seems to like it there.

    You can’t have too many pictures of cats, in my opinion.

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