Druid banner – blue spirals on the appliqué trilithon

Lots of progress to show you today!

The white appliqué trilithon looks very stark on its own, but it’s not staying like that.  I want to integrate it into the overall design by continuing the spiral pattern over the top of it.

As ever, the first step is to go over the design on the back with small running stitches to transfer it to the front, and this time it’s actually visible:

You can already see how it’s going to work!

I’m using Benton & Johnson metallic passing thread in “Ocean Blue”, couched with Gutermann Sulky machine embroidery thread number 1250.

This is plain rather than variegated, and a slightly darker shade than the one used for the background.

And as I’ve been busy, I’ve even more to show you – some of the spirals already done:

You should be able to see how the design works across the whole piece.  It’s coming on!

4 comments on “Druid banner – blue spirals on the appliqué trilithon
  1. I’m catching up on posts today, this is looking lovely. I like the blue metallic, I may have to investigate their colours for my own work.

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