Druid banner – goldwork detail

The spirals are all done on the applique trilithon, but that’s not the finish.  You may have thought that they looked a slightly odd shape, not really rectangular – this is because they’re not ‘flat’, but have a perspective effect, centred on the centre of the spiral design, where all the gold ‘rays’ are coming from too.

So, to make this more obvious, some detail needs to be added.  I’m doing this in goldwork, using the same threads as for the rays.

First, I outlined the edge of the first ‘leg’ of the trilithon:

As with the rays, this uses four strands of the gold thread, couched in two lots of two.
I then added a vertical line in gold, to highlight the perspective:

It makes a big difference, doesn’t it!

It should make an even bigger one once the other leg and the top are done – they’re next.

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