Druid banner – lettering: OBOD

With all the letters cut out, I can start attaching them to the fabric.

If you can remember back at the start when I ironed the transfer onto the linen used to line the top fabric, the design came out back to front, such as the letters ‘OBOD’ (in a Gaelic font) here:

I also said this didn’t matter; the reason why not is that when I stitch over the design to mark it onto the front of the piece, it comes out the right way round:

That’s a bit faint, but hopefully you can see that the letters are the mirror image of how they appear on the back.

As well as the letters, there are also a series of ‘pips’ around the edge, between the two sets of text.  Here are most of them, stitched on:

I’m using a proper leather needle for this; it passes through the kid much easier than a regular needle, and is far less likely to cause splitting.

And now, ‘OBOD’:

I think it looks good!  It could look better though, with something added…

2 comments on “Druid banner – lettering: OBOD
  1. Very very nice.
    I wonder if adding goldwork around the letters wouldn’t make them better ? Maybe some gold purl, stretched a little and couched with a contrasting thread (blue or green) ? A la Mary Corbett ?
    Just a thought, though…

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