Druid banner – lettering

The only work left to do on the banner now is lettering around the edge.  Above the circular design are the Gaelic words ‘An Tigh Geata’, which means ‘The Joyous Gatehouse’.  Below it is ‘OBOD’, the acronym of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, who have commissioned the banner, and in between are a few pips, to connect them up visually.

The lettering is going to be in gold kid leather.  I first traced the letters on the design, making as economical as use of space as I could:

I then stuck these tracings to the kid: they’re stuck to the back with 505 fabric spray glue, with the tracings right side down:

I then cut them out very carefully, and peeled the tracing paper off the backs of the letters, and off a pile of offcuts:

I’m sure that will all come in very handy for something or other one day!

Here are the cut out letters:

Back to front on the back of the kid means that they’re the right way round on the front.

Next, time to start attaching them to the banner.

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