Earth mini: outline

I’m being very bad at posting but a bit better at stitching, so time for an update on the ‘Earth’ mini roundel.

With the design marked on the front in running stitches, I could now stitch over them properly.  As Elmsley Rose guessed, this involves gold thread.  I can’t imagine why she would think that!

Not the usual gold thread though; this time, I’m not couching it, but using chain stitch, with Gutermann metallic thread (Dekor Gold 24).  Here, I’ve made a start, and have done the first part of one side:

And then all of it:

And finally, both sides, outlining the complete knot:

I now have a clearly defined area to fill in with colour.

4 comments on “Earth mini: outline
  1. Would it not be easier to work the colour first and outline in gold later? That’s what I would have done, so I’d be interested in your decisionmaking process…

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