Edging a milestone

For the first time, I’ve finished a part of the Banner.  Just a small part, I admit, but it feels like a major breakthrough – from now on, more and more things will be ‘the last’, until it’s finally all finished. The end is in sight!

Well, it is if you use a very long lens, anyway.  Closer up, here’s the various little flowers to the right of the panel edged in gold:

Then the three ferns:

And finally – hooray! – the last ever foxglove:

As its stem is already done, that’s it finished – there’s no more work to be done on it, and there are no more foxgloves to do.  Wow.

So, here’s all the right hand bits and pieces together:

And all work so far – everything on the panel with the edging completed:

Stems next.

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