Exhibition – wall-hangings

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to my proposed exhibition, and I’ve decided that the heart of it will be three wall-hangings. These will work together a set, but also alone (should anyone want to buy one!). They’ll be in goldwork, and I’d also like to do smaller or nué panels or pictures to accompany them, but I’m still a bit vague on the details for them.

I do, however, now have designs I’m happy with for the hangings. About a year ago, on a whim, I bought an old Spirograph from eBay. I’d had one as a kid but it’s long gone, and I’d probably lost half the bits anyway. I messed about with it for a while, then moved onto other things.
I didn’t entirely forget about it, though, and it occurred to me that the spiral shapes (why do I have this thing about spirals of one sort or another?) could look good in goldwork. The Spirograph spirals reminded me of chrysanthemums in Japanese prints, and I’ve been working on layouts inspired by them, though more abstract.
All three hanging designs are below. The positioning of the spirals on each one I did using Photoshop Elements, but the spirals themselves I drew by hand using the Spirograph set, scanned and resized. You can still see dots on the designs, which is where the pins went in the plastic wheels!

So, here they are:
Spirograph I:
Spirograph II:
Spirograph III:
All three will be 60 x 120cm.
I know the effect I want, but I need to make a decision on fabrics, so a bit of experimenting is in order.
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