Foxgloves and ferns

A double helping today, with the second foxglove and three more ferns all added to the panel.

As with the first one, I added the stem of the foxglove first, by couching gold thread:

Then added the top and bottom flowers, to help with the spacing:

And then added the rest of the flowers in between:

Here’s the full panel, with all the flowers added so far:

Not far to go now, just the third-last fern:

The second-last:

And the very last one (well, for this panel, anyway):

That was the last bit of appliqué to do, so now all the flowers are on, and ready to edge:

Shortly after taking these photos, my old camera finally died.  I’ve borrowed my dad’s for now (thanks Dad!), but I as I need to get a new camera anyway, I’m going to upgrade and get something a bit better than the little point-and-click compact cameras I’ve had up to now.  I live in hope that this might improve the standard of the photography here and on my website, but as this is likely to take a bit of practice, don’t get your hopes up too far just yet!

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