Goldwork centre ring

Continuing with the goldwork, I’ve now added a ring in gold thread to the centre of the velvet cross.

I first stitched over the relevant part of the transfer design on the back in small running stiches, to get the location for it onto the front of the fabric.
I then cut out the ring shape in yellow felt and, using the running stitch outline as a guide, stitched it onto the cross.
It looks like a pineapple ring, doesn’t it! I then couched two parallel Jap gold threads over it, going round in a spiral from the outside in, until all the felt was covered.
I worked the goldwork onto felt rather than directly onto the fabric as the pile of the velvet would come up between the threads. This did happen with the goldwork edging too, but as it was onto the ivory velvet, you can’t really see it. With the red velvet, it would really be noticeable and would look messy. By using a felt base, I can prevent this from happening.
So, here’s work so far on the whole piece:
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