Goldwork stems and tendrils – left (and a bit)

Things are really coming along now, with most of the goldwork flower stems and tendrils done.  Here are the three ferns on the left (sorry about the slightly blurred photo):

Some wood avens and a pearlwort:

The rest  of the flowers:

And some extra tendrils:

Moving on, here’s the central cowslip, with its stalks:

And the three ferns on the right:

The last of the ferns ever!  That counts as a red-letter day in its own right.

There really is very little to do now and all the embroidery will be finished.  After all this time, it hardly seems possible.

4 comments on “Goldwork stems and tendrils – left (and a bit)
  1. Wow, it looks like one final push will see this project finished! Congratulations, and keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the final product. (I think it will even be worth a trip up to Durham once it’s dedicated.)

  2. Yes, nearly there! Durham is always worth a trip anyway, but I’ll try and post photos of it in situ (if they’ll let me take them!) so that everyone can see.

    Not that we’re there yet, still plenty of work to do.

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