‘Jungle Book’ slip case – making up the slip case

Time to assemble the slip case itself.  This is a sort of box that the book can slide in and out of, and so needs to fit the book quite snugly.  After some careful measuring, I cut mount board to fit:

These pieces will form the front and back, top and bottom, and the spine.

They all need to be covered in fabric; I have the front, of course, as that’s what I’ve been embroidering, but for the others I’ve cut more of the same green dupion.  I’ve also lined it with the same fine linen even though it’s not going to be embroidered, to make it the same weight as the front:

These pieces plus the embroidered one were laced onto the cut mount board pieces in the usual way:

The don’t look too pretty on the back, though, and so need to be covered.  I have some lovely second-hand silk saris from Catfluff, and one of them – a yellow-orange colour with a printed design of little stylised buildings and plants – was just perfect:

This won’t really be seen as it’ll be on the inside of the finished slip case, but it’s always nice to know it’s there.

I cut some yellow felt to size:

Cut some slightly larger pieces of the sari silk and tacked them onto the felt:

Then ladder stitched them onto the back of the covered boards, covering the lacing:

With all the pieces ready, I could start assembling the slip case itself.  I first ladder stitched the front, spine and back together:

And then added the top and bottom:


I’ll show you how it looks with the book tomorrow.

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