‘Jungle Book’ slip case – Mowgli

As it’s a bit complicated, I’ll be doing the central section a bit at a time, starting with the little figure of Mowgli, seated at the base of the tree.

Here he is outlined in running stitches, ready to be stitched over:

The figure is quite small and quite a fiddly shape, so I’ve decided to keep things simple and just use chain stitch in Gutermann metallic thread no. 24 to outline it:

As the figure is shown from behind, howefer, I’ve added a bit of detail by filling in his hair with chips of bright check purl wire, and a staff of wire check purl:

Mowgli is sitting in some grass, for which I’ve couched one length of the same thread as the building:

He’s sitting under a palm tree – that’s next!

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