‘Jungle Book’ slip case – palm tree branches

I thought this was going to be fiddly, and it was!

The branches themselves were straightforward enough, using lengths of pearl purl:

The leaves were a little trickier.  These are in wire check purl, which is smoother than the bright check purl of the trunk, but not as smooth as the pearl purl of the branches, and so give a nice contrast to both.  As I want the leaves to look passably organic, I didn’t measure and cut exact lengths but was deliberately more random.  I’m not sure if that made it easier or harder!

Anyway, here’s the first branch, so you can see how it’s working:

And all the branches completed:

And some final beads on the turrets that I ought to have done earlier but forgot about:

That ought to be all the embroidery completed, but there’s something I’m not happy with.  I’ve been trying to convince myself that it was fine, but it isn’t.  More work needed.

2 comments on “‘Jungle Book’ slip case – palm tree branches
  1. Hello Ruth
    Very nice, as usual. It looks a bit too goldish, if I may say so.
    Do you plan on adding color to your work ?

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