‘Jungle Book’ slip case

I love books.  I also love book illustration, and over the years have collected quite a few illustrated books.  These are often children’s books, though not always, but they’re beautiful objects whoever their intended audience.

I’ve made a few slip cases – a cover to protect a book that it can slide in and out of, rather than something attached to the book itself – for books for myself and others in the past, but I haven’t made one in ages.  Time to change that!

I’m going to make a slip case for The Jungle Book, illustrated by one of my favourite illustration artists, Nicola Bayley. As usual for a slip case, I want something that reflects the book it’s for, and in this case I’m basing the design on the cover art.

Here’s the front of the book:

(it’s a bit greener than that in reality)

And the back:

It’s not all that big (about 20cm by 24cm, or 8″ x 9.5″), so there’s not really room to get a great deal of detail on.  As such, I’ve taken the building (temple? palace?) from the front and Mowgli sitting under a palm tree from the back, and added them together:

I don’t know about you, but that says ‘goldwork’ to me!

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