Kate’s Crow – and Kate

You may remember that last year I made the Kate’s Crow firescreen, as a birthday present for my sister, Kate.  This was made well in advance as I knew that once I started work on the Banner I wouldn’t have time for anything else, but yesterday was finally the big day.

It’s been put away for months, so it was good to see it again:

Though not for long:

Time to unwrap that present:

Happy Birthday, Kate:

3 comments on “Kate’s Crow – and Kate
  1. Wish you were my sister 🙂

    She looks delighted with her present, as she aught to! Hope she had a good day. I’m sure her obvious delight also made your day.

  2. The firescreen certainly came out nice and your sister obviously loves it. You two do look alike!
    BTW, when in London I saw the double headed Aztec serpent that you based your turquoise serpent on. Or was it Oxford? It seems to all blur together.

  3. We get taken for twins regularly!

    The Aztec serpent is in the British Museum, so it would have been London. Did you go to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford? I’ve never been there, but it’s supposed to be terrific. You should tell us more about your UK trip on your blog – I’d love to hear about it, and I’m sure the rest of your readers would too.

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