Lindisfarne Beasts: completed

The embroidery was already finished, but to finish the piece I needed to do a few more final bits and pieces.

I first damp stretched it, to get it nice and wrinkle-free:

I’ve had a frame in mind for this from that start, and had made sure that the piece of linen I was using for the embroidery was the right size to fit.  I retrieved it from the cupboard, and got it ready:

Using the mount board that came with the frame, I pinned the fabric in place:

and mitred the corners:

And then laced the back tightly:

Here it is from the front, nicely stretched:

And finally, in the frame, on display:


I’m going to enter it for the the Embroiderers’ Guild exhibition in Durham Cathedral later this year – I’ll let you know whether it’s accepted.

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