Lindisfarne Beasts: first bird outline

Adding the inner line for the bird gives it a lot more detail, though to start with it’s much the same as for the dog.  First we have its neck:

The its leg and foot:

This was a bit fiddly and looks rather cluttered at the moment, but it should (I hope!) become clearer when the colour is added.

Finally, and making the most difference, there are the feathers:

Now onto the second bird.

3 comments on “Lindisfarne Beasts: first bird outline
  1. Coloured feathers! What palette are you using. (I suppose “Colourway” is the trendy word). Traditional Celtic, like in the illumination. Is this based on a traditional illumination, complete with colours and if so, are you following the colours? (Or should I wait until you are talking about all this…..? 🙂

  2. The palette will be ‘making it up as I go along’, I’m aiming for quite bright and colourful, though. This is totally anachronistic of course, but this is my interpretation of ‘traditional Celtic’ (or Saxon, I suppose, in this case) rather than scrupulous accuracy. Or that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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