Lindisfarne Beasts: marked up and gold

Last time, I’d got half of the design traced on my improvised light box.  I’ve now got it all traced:

and then the fabric stretched onto a frame:

Time to start the embroidery!

You’re not going to be too surprised to hear that gold is going to feature here.  All the outlines are going to be worked in chain stitch using Gutermann metallic thread no. 24, starting with the outer rectangle:

I’ll do the dog next.

5 comments on “Lindisfarne Beasts: marked up and gold
  1. No, not surprised at the gold at all! Did you use a pencil for the tracing? It looks like it’s hard to see, but that may just be the photos. (not to criticize your photography skills, they are much better than mine)

  2. You said once that you had mixed feelings about the Gutermannm, but you use it often. Have you developed a closer relationship with it? Do you care to discurse on your favourite metal threads at any point?

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