North East Art Collective

I said the other day that I had some exciting news, and here it is: some of my work is forming part of the opening exhibition for a brand new gallery!

The North East Art Collective has only just opened, in Eldon Garden mall in Newcastle upon Tyne.  It features a wide and eclectic range of original fine art and prints, and some wonderful art craft, mainly glass, ceramics and some terrific wooden furniture.

All three of my Spirograph panels are included, along with two character cushions.  One of the panels was waiting to be hung when I went in earlier today, but here are the other two and the cushions:

Here’s Spirograph I close up:

And Spirograph II:

I never did get a decent photo of that, so this is the first time you’ve seen it completed!  And finally, the cushions:

So what do you think?  John, the gallery owner, has done an amazing job against a very tight deadline, and I’m sure we all wish him the very best of luck with this new venture.

If you’re ever in the centre of Newcastle, pop in!

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  1. Thank you all! I’m really pleased to be in the gallery at all, but the next step is to sell something, or even everything! Here’s hoping…

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