Plantagenet Wreath – back from the framer

I’ve got the completed Plantagenet Wreath panel back from the picture framer, and I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out:

'Plantagenet Wreath' framed embroidery

‘Plantagenet Wreath’ framed embroidery

And a detail, just because I like it:

Detail of 'Plantagenet Wreath' embroidery

Detail of ‘Plantagenet Wreath’ embroidery

7 comments on “Plantagenet Wreath – back from the framer
  1. Beautiful embroidery as always; now for red roses on a white background. Which I’m sure you probably won’t want to tackle. I’m looking forward to your next project.

  2. Beautiful . . . artistically lush and botanically recognizable at the same time!
    Is the frame glassed? If so (if you mind my asking, ignore this), how is the glass spaced out from the embroidery?

  3. Thanks Sandy! It isn’t glassed, no. There’s also a layer of wadding between the fabric and the board it’s stretched onto, to give it a bit of extra softness, so it sticks forward of the inner edge of the frame a little.

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