Plantagenet Wreath – roses (part III)

The roses are finally finished!  Sorry that they’ve taken so long, but I got there in the end.

Last time, I’d filled in half of the 20 roses; I’ve now done them all, and here they are:

They’re not quite finished, though: the little green leaves (or whatever the correct name is – does anyone know?) still need to be completed.

And here they are!

That’s all the embroidery – now I need to cut it out.  Now that’s going to be fiddly.

5 comments on “Plantagenet Wreath – roses (part III)
  1. This looks really good. The green around the roses are the sepals. They are the bits at the top of the stems, underneath the petals and are what originally encased the bud. In Tudor roses they always seem to be shown at the edges of the petals.

  2. Thank you! I knew they would have a proper name, and I knew someone more botanically-minded than me would know what it was. I’ll try and remember that in future.

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