Red bat – half the background

Pressing on, it’s the background next.  The top half of it marked through from the back:

And over-stitched:

As the background design is quite fiddly (the whole thing is quite small) I’ve gone for one strand of stranded cotton and two of the machine embroidery thread, to make the lines a bit finer.  It’s still awkward to work with, though.

Still, over half way already – just the bottom half of the background design to do.

2 comments on “Red bat – half the background
  1. Hello Ruth!

    Sorry I haven’t commented in quite a while, I have watched the fire screen and now the bat. Red on black is very interesting and unusual. That Sulky metallic can be difficult to work with but you seem to be working it quite well. What will this project become? A framed piece?

  2. Hi Cynthia – good to hear from you again! The person this is for was very definite on how she wanted this to look, including the colours, so I’m very glad for both our sakes that it’s working out well.

    It will be framed, yes. The recipient wants it to stand rather than hang on a wall – I haven’t asked my usual picture framer about this yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fine…

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