Red bat – the bat itself

As I mentioned last time, to make a do-it-yourself metallic thread, I intended to stitch the outline of the bat using two strands of stranded cotton and two lengths of a glittery ‘holographic’ machine embroidery thread.

And I’m pleased to say, it worked:

That’s worked in chain stitch, and gives exactly the effect I was working for.  On the downside, it’s not much fun to stitch with!  Even threading the needle is a pain, and the two different types of thread are determined to go their own way.

Still, it’s looking like I want it to, and that’s the main thing, so I’ll persevere.

2 comments on “Red bat – the bat itself
  1. Hello Ruth,
    I love discovering your projects, there’s always something new to discover !
    For easier stitching with 4 strands, have you tried simple backstitch in red then whipstitching the holographic thread around the backstitch ? Or maybe backstitch with 1 red and 1 holographic and whipstitch the same ?

    It may not give the exact look you’re looking for, but could be nice. Mary Corbett mentionned that technique once, I have tried it and I find it easy and fast. Also, less thread to pull through fabric…

    Anyway, just my thoughts.

  2. Hi Khalysta – that’s a good idea, I’ll have to give that a go some time, though I think this time I’ll carry on as I’ve started. Thanks for the tip!

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