I’ve been commissioned to make a small piece; the client didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what form this should take, but did want it to feature a horse.  We’ve been discussing ideas for a little while, but never came up with anything we were happy with.

Meantime, I was working on the ‘Earth’ mini roundel.  The client reads the blog, and on seeing that, things fell into place: she would like a panel of Celtic knotwork, same as ‘Earth’.

With a horse in it.

Isn’t it good when things just work?  I always have more ideas than I have time to stitch.  Some of these just stay in my head, while others get drawn up and filed away.  Some time ago, in the pre-blog days, I drew this:

‘Was this the sort of thing you had in mind?’, I said.  ‘Yes!  Perfect!’

So that’s what I’ll be making next.

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