Silver snowdrop sample – cutting out

And now the bit I’ve really not been looking forward to: cutting it out.  It’s quite a fiddly design with quite a few skinny bits, so the potential for disaster is quite high.

No photo of this bit, but as is now becoming routine, I painted over the back of the stitching with watered-down PVA glue.  I only painted over the stitching, not the unstitched areas of the mesh in the centre of the larger parts of the design, as I didn’t want anything coming through the the front where it might be visible.

Once that had dried properly (I always leave it overnight, to make sure), I started cutting it out – first around the edge:

I didn’t notice that the snowdrop on the left had got tucked under the central one until it was far too late to retake the photo, but never mind.  You might also be able to see what looks like fluff on the paper it’s resting on – this is actually little bits of wire from the mesh, which frayed everywhere from the offcuts, but – thankfully – not the side that had been overstitched.  I’d been a bit worried that it might all just unravel, but happily it didn’t.

The unwanted areas in the middle cut away – the really scary bit!

Success!  That’s a relief.  Stitching it to a background fabric should be plain sailing.

2 comments on “Silver snowdrop sample – cutting out
  1. Gosh, I don’t read your blog for a few days and come back to find an almost-completed project! And the acanthus finished.
    So delicate – and I bet it’s all shiny-shimmery. I mean to get some of that tubular metallic ribbon for use in stumpwork.

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