Silver snowdrop sample – Italian tubular mesh wire ribbon

As I mentioned before, the point of this sample is to try something using the Italian tubular mesh wire ribbon (henceforth referred to as ‘mesh’ as it’s a lot easier).

Here’s the design on the fabric, stretched on a frame:

The design is clearly far too fiddly to try and apply the mesh to it, so I’m going to try the opposite: use the mesh as a background and stitch over it.

Here’s the mesh itself in silver, and the thread I’ll be using:

Just the one colour, Madeira stranded cotton no. 1708, a silver-blue.

I cut a length of the mesh, slit it down one side to make double the width of the ribbon, and stretched it out as far as it could reasonably go.  And then did it again as just the one thickness looked a bit thin.  I then placed both of these one on top of the other over the painted design, and pinned it in place:

Next time, I’ll start stitching over it.

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