Spiral series – Spiral Abstract I

Apologies (again) for the silence – I’ve been busy, but I’m afraid on stuff I can’t discuss as I don’t have the clients’ permission.  That all sounds very mysterious and dramatic, but it isn’t really!

No difficulties in talking about my next project, though: I want to put together a small exhibition of work.  I don’t have a venue yet (I know where I want, but I may not get it.  I’ll keep you posted!), and have decided to do a series of pieces as variations on a theme.
The theme in question is Celtic spirals; I’m going to do 10 pieces in total, with two sets of five interrelated items.  They’ll all be done in the same materials and technique, and the same size, providing continuity.
I’ll get onto the second set later, but the first one is of abstract Celtic spiral designs.  Some of you may remember previous pieces that I did, Kate’s Crow and Moon.  Both have a complex spiral design as a background.  This is probably cheating (I’m going to regard it as recycling), but I dug out the original designs for the backgrounds:
and to form the abstract patterns, I traced sections of these designs, mixing them up a bit as appropriate.
Here’s the first one, as a transfer ironed onto linen which has then been attached to the surface fabric:
Time to start stitching!
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