St Cuthbert’s Banner – toile

Here’s a toile I made of the banner a couple of months ago. It’s full size – a yard square, plus bits top and bottom. It’s made from cotton sheeting, with the central cross attached with machine zig-zag stitch in gold.

I wanted to make a mock-up of the banner for a few reasons: it was helpful for me to work out the construction, especially mitring the corners; I thought it might be helpful for other people to see it full size, as not everyone can picture it from the description; and as someone is going to make the pole for it, it would help them to make sure everything fit.
This is just hung from a metre ruler suspended from the doors of the fabric cupboard in my workroom, but the real one will have a pole through the tabs along the top, and a vertical pole attached to it in a T shape for carrying. To cater for this, I’ve left a gap in the tabs (or ‘sleeves’, technically) for the upright pole to attach. I haven’t added them yet, but there’ll also need to be a couple of loops on the back for the pole to go through, to stop the banner flapping about.
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there are seven points along the bottom, while the description specified five. This is because 36″ seemed to divide naturally into six – five full sized points, then one at either end half size. Unfortunately, I didn’t go back and check the description until I’d already done it, and found that while it may have seemed natural to me, it evidently didn’t to whoever made the original. I’ll have to resize them for the real thing.

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