Starting the spirals

The spiral design behind the crow silhouette is now under way. I’ve decided to start from the top and work down; I’m doing this a bit at a time, and this is why:

As I mentioned before, I’m transferring the design by stitching over a transfer of it ironed on the back with small running stitches. Doing a little bit like this at a time means it’s still more or less clear where I’m going, but trying to do the whole lot in one go would end up in the world’s worst game of join the dots. To save my sanity, I’ll do this a spiral at a time!
Here it is over-stitched with chain stitch in the silver thread:
The running stitch-overstitching method might be rather time-consuming, but it’s great for getting a design onto dark fabric like this, and even for a light fabric, unlike other methods of transferring a design to fabric – transfer, pencil, carbon paper, even pounce powder – if you go a little wrong or there’s a line left showing after you’ve finished your embroidery, it can be be unpicked (very carefully!) and it’s as though it never existed.
5 comments on “Starting the spirals
  1. I was going to say in a comment on the last entry “don’t go insane ‘transferring’ the spirals” but I thought it might be rude. Good to see that you think insanity looms as well if you’re not careful, getting lost in the “spirality” (I’m *sure* that’s not a word *grin*) of it all!
    I’ve done them on paper in an illumination, and your eyes really start to cross after awhile.

  2. So beautiful! The turq serpent is absolutely gorgeous too. I haven’t visited for awhile, and have missed alot! I will try your method for transfer, I haven’t been satisfied with one yet, maybe this is the trick I need:)

  3. Historically you see a line of stitches under pearls. Some have speculated that it was to give the pearls a base. I think it was a pattern transfer technique 🙂 Thanks for the nod to my blog (Historical Emb) too.

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