‘Teamwork’ bees: small embroidered panel

Recently, as part of my day job, I was on a management training course. As part of that, we were divided into teams and asked to produce a short presentation on a management-related theme each team was given. The team I was in was given ‘Teamwork’. We decided on a metaphorical approach, using bees and how they work together for the good of the hive.

We were encouraged to be visual in our approach, and as the ‘arty’ one I was handed the pens and allowed to get on with it. Here’s what I came up with:

'Teamwork' bees rough sketch

‘Teamwork’ bees rough sketch

It’s a bit rough, but I did only have a few minutes to draw it freehand with marker pens, so it didn’t turn out too badly! In fact, it turned out well enough for me to want to stitch it.

So, that’s what my next project is going to be. Here it is drawn up more neatly:

'Teamwork' bees final design

‘Teamwork’ bees final design

I’m going to back to techniques I’ve used a lot over the years but haven’t done in a while, and the first step, as always, is to transfer the design. I traced the design with a Sulky iron-on transfer pen then ironed it onto fine linen:

Embroidery design transferred onto linen

Embroidery design transferred onto linen

I’ve used this to line the fabric that’ll form the background of the finished piece; the linen is on the back. As well as providing a handy way of transferring the design without marking the finished fabric, it also adds strength to a fine fabric, meaning I can stretch it on a frame without worrying.

Next time, I’ll transfer the design to the front of the fabric, and start stitching.

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