The first milestone

Today is an important day: it marks the first milestone in completing the Banner.  And here it is:

It’s a sheet of foxgloves, and yes, you’ve seen other ones before, but what makes this one important, is that it’s the last one.  There are four foxgloves on the Banner – two each on the left and right panels – and this is the fourth one.  For the first time, I’ve done all the embroidery for a particular flower.  No more foxgloves, ever!

Of course, it’d be better if it was the last of the ferns, but their turn will come, and for the first time, I really feel the end is in sight.  We can start to count down a few more milestones in the weeks to come.

4 comments on “The first milestone
  1. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to finish something, even if it’s just the foxgloves? You’ll get to finish the ferns eventually! Are you able to maintain consistency with the earlier foxgloves? Or do you find that they are changing slightly?

  2. A bit of both, I would say. They’re very similar, but they’re not identical, and I’m not trying to make them exactly the same. I think the design works better like that – after all, real flowers aren’t all precisely identical either. The aim (or the hope, anyway!) is that this will give it a more naturalistic look.

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