Three more ferns

Just three more ferns to go on the left end of the second panel of St Cuthbert’s Banner.  A small landmark, but one to note none the less.

Here’s the first one:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - first embroidered fern

And the second one:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - second embroidered fern

On Fiona’s original design, the third one slightly overlaps the seam between the left and top panels (with the end chopped off here, when I cut out the panel design):

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - the third fern on the design

While I expect to have to add a few bits of goldwork over the seams, I don’t really want to have anything major to do there, so I’ve shifted the third fern down a bit, so that it all fits within the panel space:

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - third embroidered fern

And that’s all the appliqué done on that end of the panel!

Ruth O'Leary Textile Art - left side of St Cuthbert's Banner panel

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