To the right of the cowslip…

I hope you all had a happy and peaceful holiday; I had a lovely day with family, followed by a complete day off, doing nothing whatsoever. Bliss!

Back to work now, though.  I’ve got a few days off the day job, so I want to get as much done as I can before I go back in the New Year.  Things are coming along nicely, though, with all the flowers to the right of the cowslip edged (and yes I know I said I was going to start in the middle and work out, but it somehow didn’t happen like that!)

Here are a few more flowers done, with stems linking the wood avens flowers and leaves together:

Then another fern and a pearlwort:

And the two larger wood avens:

And then some twiddly bits linking things up:

And finally, all of the right side, completed:

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